Toyota is working with ChargePoint to ensure customers have convenient home and public charging options for their new bZ4X electric utility vehicle –

By | January 10, 2021
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Toyota is working with ChargePoint to ensure customers have convenient home and public charging options for their new bZ4X Electric SUV

Author: Eric Walz

As Toyota Motor North America prepares to launch its first electric vehicle in the US next year with the advent of the battery-powered bZ4X SUV, the automaker wants to make sure EV customers have seamless access to charging them both at home and at home. Universal chargers.

The automaker announced today that it will work with electric vehicle charging provider ChargePoint, Inc. To help ensure bZ4X customers receive convenient shipping solutions.

“We want to instill a sense of confidence in bZ4X customers by providing a variety of charging options in and out of the home to meet each customer’s unique charging needs and preferences,” said Christopher Yang, Vice President of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at Toyota. “The Home ChargePoint charger and the public charging network will further enhance our customers’ bZ4X ownership experience.”

The lack of convenient charging is one of the barriers to widespread adoption of electric vehicles and Toyota wants to address this before launching the bZ4X in 2023 and for other electric vehicles that will follow.

Although companies like Tesla, Electrify America, and ChargePoint are building public networks for electric vehicle charging, there aren’t nearly enough chargers for commuting as the rate of electric vehicle adoption rises.

For home charging, bZ4X customers will have the option to purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger from participating Toyota dealers or directly from ChargePoint. It is estimated that approximately 80% of Level 2 charging takes place at home.

ChargePoint’s Home Flex charger is ENERGY STAR certified and Wi-Fi enabled for smartphone access. It can be installed indoors or outdoors and comes with a 23-foot charging cable to support different parking or garage configurations. The charger can charge the electric car battery up to nine times faster than a standard 110-volt household outlet.

For the bZ4X, Chargepoint’s Home Flex charger can provide up to 25 miles of range per hour and fully charge the car battery when plugged in overnight.

Toyota has partnered with Qmerit to install home chargers. The company will help guide Toyota bz4X customers through the process of locating a certified EV charger installer, and provide an initial free quote and additional services to support them until the in-home installation is complete.

“Qmerit is pleased to offer residential installation services to bZ4X customers, as more than 80% of L2 shipping in the US is done at home,” said Tracy K. Price, founder and CEO of Qmerit.

ChargePoint also offers a large public network of Tier 2 and Tier 3 (Fast DC) chargers, including partner roaming stations, across North America. bZ4X drivers will have access to more than 80% of shipping locations in North America.

ChargePoint’s partnership with Toyota includes the use of its public charging API, so drivers can find, use and pay for a charging session directly from the car’s infotainment screen or via the Toyota app.

“This arrangement combines Toyota’s market leadership in technology and quality for the next generation of mobility with ChargePoint’s leadership in delivering accessible charging solutions where drivers live, work and play,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint President and CEO.

“Together with Toyota, we want to provide a quality charging experience for new bZ4X drivers at home and on the road.”

Toyota’s first electric car will be more affordable than many current pre-market models from Tesla, General Motors, Lucid Motors and BMW, which could make it a big seller in the US

Toyota says the bZ4X will deliver its “legendary reputation for quality and reliability with the performance and practicality drivers want in a modern battery-powered electric SUV.”

“As we look to expand our battery electric vehicle lineup, we look forward to providing our customers with the excitement, ease and convenience of owning a battery electric vehicle as we work together and drive toward carbon neutrality,” Yang said.

Toyota’s new bZ4X electric SUV will be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2021. It is close in size to the popular Toyota RAV4. The bZ4X SUV was jointly developed with Subaru.


Toyota’s new electric bZ4X will be launched in the US in 2023.

The electric SUV will be built on the Toyota e-TNGA EV platform and will be available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations. The front-wheel drive model will come with a single electric motor up front with 201 horsepower.

All-wheel drive models feature two engines with the second engine powering the rear wheels for a total output of 215 horsepower. These models will use Subaru’s X-mode all-wheel drive system, which is also found in the new Subaru Solterra EV, Subaru’s first all-electric model.

A 64kWh lithium-ion battery pack is included in the front-wheel drive bZ4X, while the AWD has a slightly larger 66kWh battery.

The front-wheel drive bZ4X will provide about 250 miles of range per charge. Toyota hasn’t offered an estimated range for its SUV model range yet, but we expect the SUV to be able to travel at least 200 miles, and it’s all-electric for most US drivers.

The bz4X is expected to be around $36,000, making it a more affordable option than Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y.

ChargePoint, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is one of the oldest and largest electric vehicle charging providers in the United States. The company was founded in 2007 when there weren’t many electric vehicles on the road. Over the years, ChargePoint has constantly expanded the US public charging network

In 2020, ChargePoint completed its business combination with publicly traded special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp and launched its IPO in the United States.

Chargepoint’s stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the stock symbol “CHPT”.


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