The new Panhandle Butterfly House location? Mobile mobile facility

By | February 3, 2021
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The Panhandle Butterfly and Nature Center house plans to start the road after the organization unveiled its new “home” Tuesday afternoon at the Southern Charm Flower Show in Navarra.

The group will now use a mobile facility to transfer the experience of learning and spending time with butterflies to the community, rather than having the community come to a fixed building.

“We’d like to serve more Panhandle. And that’s important, too, because Northern Schools in Santa Rosa County, Navarre Butterfly House has been there for 25 years, right? Kids at Jay have never seen a Butterfly House,” said Jenny Weber, president of Panhandle Butterfly House. and Nature Center Inc.

“But this could go to Jay and this could go to Pace and this could go to all those different neighborhoods that didn’t have that on their field trip.”

The aquarium can be seen through the door at the Panhandle Butterfly House in Navarra in March 2018. The organization announced that it will launch a mobile facility to serve more of the area.

The Panhandle Butterfly House left its previous location at the foot of the Navarre Beach Bridge in 2018, when the county announced it was planning to renovate the park.

In July, Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful ended its relationship with the board of directors of Panhandle Butterfly House, raising questions about the future of the Butterfly House. KSRB was the non-profit organization under which the Panhandle Butterfly House operates.

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