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Mavi.io’s OnMyWay shopping will be enabled by new smart car dashboards

An example of an in-car trading listing from the OnMyWay Mavi.io service. Courtesy of Mavi.io Mavi.io launches in Q3 car dashboard shopping with one of the biggest manufacturers of dashboard head units along with top car companies. Drivers will be able to use Mavi’s technology to order, recommend, and pay for their connected cars, and… Read More »

Lush’s CEO expects to run out of stock in Russia for Russian business

Lush Cosmetics Ltd. has stopped sending supplies to Russia and expects its business in the country to vanish. However, it will not force the closure of its domestic stores, illustrating the many complexities multinational companies face as they try to sever business ties with Russia. CEO Mark Constantine said Lush, a private company based in… Read More »