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Hiring Is Hard Enough. Now New Workers Are Vanishing Before They Even Start.

Enervise Inc. recently found someone to fill a $75,000-a-year job. The new hire said he would move to Cincinnati and report to orientation at 8 am on his first Monday. The day before, he emailed to say he had changed his mind. Taken aback, Aaron Dorfman, the recruiting manager for the facility-services and plumbing company,… Read More »

A Yale University professor who monitors companies still doing business in Russia ups the ante by highlighting which companies are now ‘digging in’

A Yale University professor who monitors companies still doing business in Russia after its unprovoked invasion of neighboring Ukraine has upped the ante by reclassifying the list into five categories with a fifth label entitled “digging in” — or defying public demands to get out. About 39 companies, including Koch Industries Inc. Ball Corp., packaging… Read More »

Lush’s CEO expects to run out of stock in Russia for Russian business

Lush Cosmetics Ltd. has stopped sending supplies to Russia and expects its business in the country to vanish. However, it will not force the closure of its domestic stores, illustrating the many complexities multinational companies face as they try to sever business ties with Russia. CEO Mark Constantine said Lush, a private company based in… Read More »

The Utah couple packed their retirement home with amenities to visit for their kids. “So far, it’s working.”

Stephanie and Brandon Hunt, 55, knew they wanted their forever home in Park City, Utah. But until November 2017, when the couple found and sealed the 5-acre plot that would eventually become the site of their dream home, they had yet to decide on their exact Park City address. The Hunts’ long-standing relationship with Utah… Read More »